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Coaches need coaches too!

I had the delightful experience of speaking with Michelle as a podcast guest. We ended up moving in to a bit of on the spot coaching and I think it was a really important and interesting conversation. Michelle is a driven woman with so much to offer and I enjoyed the experience greatly. Nancy Pickard

Such a caring soul!

Dr. Michelle was a super host! We related very well as I discussed the impact of boundaries on our self-image and our response to others’ opinions. She clearly cares so much for her listeners! So enjoyed our time together!

Great line-up!

Dr. Michelle provides a great variance of guests to enrich critical thinking and personal empowerment in our health choices. A must listen!

Relevant and engaging

I can’t wait to listen to episodes from week to week. Michelle has a great mix of personal stories, good advice and factual information. So glad I have found this podcast!


Michelle is smart, thoughtful and leads by example. I’m so glad that many people can now learn from her - she is a superb role model and person

Great podcast!

Honest and relatable. Loving it!


I’ve waited so long to find a weight loss solution that addresses the underlying issues that sabotage my efforts. Thank you, Michelle, for offering guidance to understand my inner workings, and giving me hope to figure myself out.

Wayza Health

Love the podcast! Michelle shares her knowledge and guidance in a very relatable fashion, easy to understand and apply to everyday life. Very excited that I can listen to her motivational content wherever I am.


You are a huge inspiration thank you for being real and sharing your journey. Made me realize I’m not alone!


I can’t wait to hear more of the strategies Michelle has to share.


Michelle Tubman is very knowledgeable and so inspiring. I can finally listen to someone I can relate to and it's fantastic!

5 Stars!

Such great content! Way to go Michelle! I look forward to future episodes!


Michelle has a refreshing view on weight loss and caring for your body. Her advice also applies to so many areas of life. I recommend the podcast for it's amazing advice and good production value.

Weight Loss Struggle No More!

Amazing advice and insight from the expert Dr. Michelle!

5 stars

I love the gardening metaphors! So relatable and getting down to the roots of weight loss. If you want to lose weight, this is for you. I can’t wait to listen to more.

Great podcast!

What a great podcast! Love how passionate and candid Michelle is. She takes technical and complex medical concepts and breaks them down into easy-to-understand ideas to action. Looking forward to more episodes!


So insightful! You have a wonderful way of speaking and I can’t wait to hear more!

Great podcast!

Amazing podcast filled with lots of useful info. Great work Michelle!

Must listen!

Amazing teacher! Highly recommend and will be sharing with friends!

So helpful!

Such an inspiring podcast! This is exactly what I need to hear. It’s not always about food. I want to understand why I emotional eat so often. And it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. Can’t wait for more!


This is an amazing podcast that goes into the science behind these issues! I’m hooked...


Can’t wait to hear more, Michelle! Amazing! So real and relatable. Looking forward to more episodes. ❤️

I’m hooked!

Passionate, insightful, relatable and smart- just a few words to describe Michelle and these first 4 episodes. This podcast is going to help so many people! The bravery and vulnerability from Michelle as she shares her story and what she’s learned from her experiences is invaluable. I cannot wait to listen next week!


Great podcast! A very positive process for weight loss!

Well done!

Your so inspiring Michelle!

I’m hooked!

This is what I have been looking for! Thank you so much, Michelle! You are an inspiration and I value you!

Thank you for your insights❤️

This is a helpful, transformative podcast with useful information to guide one on their healthful life journey. Thank you Dr. Michelle Tubman!

Great Weight Loss Coach

I've been a client of Michelle Tubman's for about 6 months now and she has helped me tremendously with changing my relationship with food. I can't wait to listen to all of her podcasts.

Makes so much sense

Super logical/rational, makes so much sense to sort out why we eat and how work with our thoughts and feelings around we eat.


Michelle is amazing and with her MD knowledge, you know that the information is valid! There are lots of weight loss “coaches” out there but Michelle is the real deal!!! Love listening to her speak! 💗