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Feb. 9, 2023

085: MOVE with Ashleigh Gass

085: MOVE with Ashleigh Gass

There is no question that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. But it can be hard to know where to start if you're brand new to exercise. It can also be difficult to know how to expand your movement routines once you get comfortable making exercise a regular part of your life. In this episode, I talk to Ashleigh Gass, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Together we explore:

  • Advice for people just starting out with exercise
  • The importance of including flexibility and mobility training (I have personally learned this the hard way, and you'll hear about that too)
  • The importance of moving when you have pain
  • How do get your kids (or other loved ones) excited about exercise 

Ashleigh has offered a "10in10" mobility poster just for you. I've been doing this for the last few days and it FEELS AMAZING. You can download your own copy HERE.   

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