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Sept. 15, 2022

064: The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss with Zehra Mahoon

064: The Law of Attraction and Weight Loss with Zehra Mahoon

Have you ever wondered how the Law of Attraction works? Learn from Zehra Mahoon and Nicole Hale as they share with us what the Law of Attraction is (and also what it’s not) and how to harness it’s power for weight loss. You’ll hear about the science behind this, but more importantly, you’ll learn practical steps to start using it today. You’ll also hear how Nicole lost 100 lbs using the tools you’ll hear about on this episode. It’s powerful stuff!

To learn more about Zehra, visit her website https://www.zmahoon.com.

To join Nourish Yourself: Body+Mind with Michelle, visitwww.wayzhealth.com/nourish-yourself.


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Zehra Mahoon

Zehra Mahoon’s mission is to guide others to stop making the mistakes that are preventing them from their success and ultimate joy by teaching them the power of the Law of Attraction based on her signature Heart and Mind Alignment Method. She is the author of twelve books on these subjects and the creator of the Unlimited 40 day law of attraction workbook and support group. After committing to completely transforming her self-worth in 2006, she went from being massively in debt to owning multiple properties and creating a thriving business, as well as healing her relationships. She shares her personal journey to help people understand that power of reclaiming their self-worth.
Together with her business partner Nicole Hale, she runs the Law of Attraction based wellness program Drop it! designed to help women drop their negative beliefs, past hurt, guilt and blame and the extra baggage they carry around with them because of it. Nicole has lost 100lbs and kept it off for over 5 years based on the Law of Attraction principles that are taught in the program.