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Sept. 8, 2022

063: Living with Type 1 Diabetes with Colleen Mitchell

063: Living with Type 1 Diabetes with Colleen Mitchell

If you are a type 1 diabetic struggling to live the life you know you deserve, then this episode is for you! Colleen Mitchel, a life coach for women with type 1 diabetes and podcast host of This is Type 1, joins me this week. We have an empowering discussion about not being chained to your weight, your blood sugar, or any diagnosis your doctors may have given you. Colleen shares her journey through a 60-lb weight loss, and she shares mindset tools that can help you through your journey as well.

Colleen has created an amazing community for type 1 diabetics to meet face-to-face over video. If you're living with type 1 diabetes, this is a place for you to build relationship with other T1Ds, learn mindset tools (some of which you learned in this interview), have a place to share your feelings about T1D without judgment from doctors, family, or internet advice givers, and to collaborate with other T1Ds to solve T1D problems and design experiments to improve your life. 

If you're interested, sign up at https://www.inspiredforward.com/community

If you're not a T1D but want a similar community to talk about your weight, join us in Nourish Yourself, my flagship coaching program: www.wayzahealth.com/nourish-yourself.


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Colleen Mitchell

Colleen Mitchell is a life coach for women with type 1 diabetes, podcast host of This is Type 1, epic fantasy novelist, and life-long type 1 diabetic. She lost over 60 pounds through diet alone, but quickly learned that losing the weight (and lowering average blood sugar) didn't help with the emotional rollercoaster. Colleen is the light at the end of the tunnel for T1D women who feel chained to their blood sugars. You control your diabetes, it does not control you!