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July 28, 2022

057: Pickles, Rogue Waves and Bowling Lanes with Jolene Hermanson

057: Pickles, Rogue Waves and Bowling Lanes with Jolene Hermanson

If you want an overview of how nutrition and life coaching work together to create amazing weight loss results, this is the episode for you! I’m joined by Jolene Hermanson, a fellow Precision Nutrition Level 2 nutrition coach. Together, we break down why it’s so important to look beyond the macros when you’re working on weight loss, particularly if you are an emotional eater.

Specifically, after listening to this episode, you’ll understand:

  • Why it’s so important to “zoom out” and look at your deeper health
  • Why it’s essential to reconnect your mind and body
  • How using metaphors can help you allow your food urges (this is where the pickles, rogue waves, and bowling alleys come in)
  • Why the 24-hour plan we teach is such a useful tool

Learn more about Jolene on her website: www.jolenehermanson.com

You can also download her free training: Three Essential Steps to Conquer Your Craving by clicking here. 

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Jolene Hermanson

I’m a Precision Nutrition Level 2 certified nutrition and mindset coach, wife, and mama of a 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl. I’ve been on both sides of the health pendulum, from apathetic to anxious, and I know now that peace lies in building skillsets you practice and learn to master over time.
I primarily help women who workout but aren’t getting the results they’re looking for break away from all-or-nothing thinking and tracking precise calories and macronutrients. I teach them how to use a combination of both external and internal guidelines to reach their goals. We explore their strengths, values, and body knowledge, and use those things to build success. Success from within helps them to increase their consistency, create food peace, and decrease their cravings.