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July 21, 2022

056: Sleep and Weight Loss with Catherine Wright

056:  Sleep and Weight Loss with Catherine Wright

We can’t talk about weight loss without talking about sleep. They are intricately connected, and improving one immediately improves the other. But unfortunately for many of us sleep is either elusive, or we don’t get enough of it, or we simply don’t feel rested after sleep. 

And so on this episode I interview Catherine Wright, a sleep coach, who shares multiple helpful strategies for improving your sleep. After listening, you will better understand:

  • How sleep affects your weight (and also how your weight affects your sleep)
  • The importance of your mindset around sleep
  • Strategies for falling asleep
  • Strategies for staying asleep

Learn more about Catherine on her website: www.recoop.care



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Catherine Wright

Catherine is a lifelong lover of sleep. Starting in early childhood, she discovered sleep was a stabilizing force in her life, something to protect to keep her grounded and happy.

Almost a decade ago, after becoming a Mom and bumping up against the realities of sleep deprivation, she evolved her practice as a birth doula and shiatsu therapist into a sleep coaching practice – supporting other new families on this frontier. Her practice has since blossomed again, and she now also works with school aged kids, teens and adults.

Catherine understands sleep as something we nurture from the moment we wake until the moment we turn out our lights. She has seen that cultivating a great sleep practice is about bringing awareness to the elements of healthy sleep, and tending to them as we go about our days. She believes when we heal our sleep we inevitably heal other areas of our lives too. This has been Catherine’s experience, as she too has navigated bouts of insomnia and burnout, and now taps into the pleasure of sleep and rest as her superpowers, while helping others do the same.

Catherine’s soulful approach to sleep is evidence based and integrates cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia, sleep science, and mindset work. She is a certified sleep coach and educator, and founder of Recoop.