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June 2, 2022

049: The Power of Feeling Bad with Jen Frey

049: The Power of Feeling Bad with Jen Frey

Would you do almost anything to avoid feeling bad? Most of us would. It’s human nature to avoid the things that feel uncomfortable and move towards the things that make us feel good. This is why so many of us turn to food when we’re experiencing difficult emotions.

But, if we’re able to learn how to sit with those uncomfortable feelings, we can learn so much about ourselves. In this episode, we talk to Master Coach Jen Frey. She teaches us:

  • The importance of taking responsibility for how you feel
  • Two ways to cultivate safety inside your own body
  • How to manage your inner Mean Girl

Learn more about Jen on her website: www.jenfreycoaching.com



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Jen Frey

I help women who are holding the secret of past infidelity move from shame to joy and connection. I provide a judgment-free, compassionate space where my clients realign with their dreams and embrace a future of possibilities, regardless of their past mistakes. When we hold ourselves hostage to our past, we create more suffering in the world. I believe our purpose is to create love and light and it always starts inside of us. I enjoy being active outside and my favorite meal is brunch.