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May 5, 2022

045: Setting Goals (and Sticking to Them!) with Angela Veesenmeyer

045: Setting Goals (and Sticking to Them!) with Angela Veesenmeyer

What comes to mind when you think about setting goals? For some, it may be a sense of excitement. But for many of us, it fills us with dread. As women, we spend so much time focused on taking care of others that we forget what it’s like to have dreams for ourselves. We may even feel guilty or selfish for wanting more in our lives.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This week, I’m joined by Dr. Angela Veesenmeyer, a coach who helps women create the next version of themselves. She shows us a whole new way to look at goals that will inspire you to stop quitting on yourself and the things that are important to you, including your weight loss.

By listening to this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to look at past regrets to identify what’s really important to you
  • Two types of goals (and how to recognize them)
  • Tips for sticking with your goals
  • How to use your goals to create the life you want for yourself

To help you learn how to stop quitting on your goals and get the most out of this episode, download Angela’s free workbook here:


You can also find Angela on Instagram @angelaveesenmeyermd



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Angela Veesenmeyer

I'm a board certified Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist and practice full-time. I hired my first life coach 10 years ago and became certified at the Life Coach School in 2021. I coach women to discover what they truly want in their lives and then support them as they develop confidence to go for those things. I'm currently living in Arizona with my husband, son, and rescue dog.