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July 22, 2021

003: Committing to Weight Loss

003: Committing to Weight Loss

What does it really take to commit to weight loss? It takes more than desire. It requires understanding your own compelling reason for wanting to change your body. It requires putting a stop to collecting information, buying programs, and signing up for weight loss challenges, and taking real action instead.

In this episode, we’ll navigate the importance of commitment, managing your mind, and taking massive action to get the job done. By the time you finish listening, you’ll discover:

  • Why simply going on a diet without also managing your mind is a broken strategy for weight loss.
  • Why you should rely on Whypower rather than willpower for sustainable weight loss.
  • How to take massive action to achieve your goals.

Making adjustments to how you think about your weight, your body, and food will set you on the right track for sustainable weight loss.

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